Engineering Mathematics

Engineering Mathematics

Engineering Mathematics

Department of Engineering Mathematics is a part of LNCT Indore and it play inevitable role in success of LNCT College. Engineering Mathematics Department objective is to prepare Engineering students to face challenges of the competitive world through mathematics. The Engineering Mathematics Department, headed by Dr Shilpa Rahurikar has 03 well experienced and PG qualified ,hard working and sincere  faculties Engineering Mathematics  I ,II III and Mathematics  for M.Tech. students are taught by the faculties. Mathematics plays an important role in the success of every student so the aim of teaching engineering mathematics for first and second year student is not only to cover RGPV prescribed syllabus but also to prepare them for competitive exams. On each and every students personal attention is given in the class by the faculties. Notes are prepared and extra time is given on weak students by the faculties. In order to ensure high standards of education for its students, the department has constantly upgraded itself by adding new technology like digital class and lectures of IIT professor.

HOD Profile

Dr Shilpa Rahurikar

Dr Shilpa Rahurikar has joined LNCT Indore as Lecturer in 2007and now she is working as HOD in Engineering Mathematics Department. She has about 08 years of Academic and 5 years  of Research experience. She completed B.S c. in year 1999 and M.Sc. in year 2001 from Vikram University ,Ujjain (M.P.).She got p.hd. degree in year 2006 from Vikram University ,Ujjain (M.P.). One internal paper has been published by her.Her P.hd. topic was fixed point theory .She has contributed two times in National  Conference as Coordinator  held at LNCT,INDORE(M.P.) .She has attended many seminars ,workshops and faculty development programmes. She has presented research papers on  Fuzzy Graph Theory in National  Conference held at LNCT,INDORE(M.P.) .Her area of interest is Graph Theory, Analysis, Algebra.








Dr. Shilpa Rahurikar

Associate Professor


11 Year


Dr. Amin Ahmed

Associate Professor


12 Year


Dr. Shradha Mishra



21 Year


Dr. Swati Choursiya

Associate Professor


7.5 Year

Department Research work :-

Dr. Shilpa Rahurikar


  1. Some Fixed Point Theorems for Compatible Mappings Satisfying an Implicit Relation,Journal of   Bangladesh Academic of sciences,Vol 29,No. 1, 1- 10,2005

  2. On Conjunction of Fuzzy Graphs , INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT,ISSN 2347 – 7539 Impact Factor 0.217,Volume: 02 Issue: 01 Jan-2014, (1-4).


Dr. Amin Ahmed

        Academic & Research :-

He did his M.Sc. (Applied Mathematics) from R. G. P. V. Bhopal M. Phil from School of Studies in Mathematics Vikram University and Ph.D.(Mathematics) from Barkatullah University Bhopal. He has published/presented more than 25 papers / articles in various International/National Journals/Conferences. . He has supervised 01 Masters  thesis (awarded) in Applied Mathematics subject under the faculty of Mathematical Sciences In UIT-RGPV Bhopal. Moreover he has given contributed talks in.

        Research Interests: Nonlinear Functional Analysis, Nonlinear programming problems

        Expert Lectures / Invited Talks -

In Science and Research Orientation Program On “Science & Technology for Human Development”  19-20 Dec. 2014 Jointly Organized by University Institute of Technology Barkatullah University Bhopal and Indian National Congress Chapter Bhopal.

In Science and Research Orientation Program On “Science & Technology for Human Development”  19-20 Dec. 2014 Jointly Organized by University Institute of Technology Barkatullah University Bhopal and Indian National Congress Chapter Bhopal.

         Masters Level Thesis Guided:  1 (M. Sc., Applied Mathematics) In UIT RGPV Bhopal.

         Research Papers:

  1. International Journals -10
  2. National  Journals -02
  3. Research  Publications (National/International Conferences)   - 07

          Membership details: -

  1. Life member of Ramanujan Mathematical Society of India.
  2. National Society of Mathematics of India
  3. Member of M.P.M.T.A. of Mathematics of Chapter Bhopal


  1. A Common fixed point theorem via family of R-weakly commuting maps Jou. of non-linear analysis and optimization, Thailand Vol.5,No.1 115-123, 2014
  2. Fixed point Theorems via family of maps in weak Non-Archimedean Menger PM-spaces  J. Korean Soc. Of Math. Educ. Ser. B: pure and appl. Math. Korea Vol.20, No.3, 181-198,2013.
  3. Application of weakly compatible mappings to common fixed point theorems in Menger Spaces Advances in Fixed Point Theory, U. K., Vol.2 , No.2, 224-237,2012
  4. A Contraction Theorem Containing Rational Term in Menger Spaces, Journal of Advanced Studies in Topology, Egypt Vol.3 , No.3 110-117, 2012
  5. Application of E. A. Property Via Rational Inequality in Menger Spaces, Illirias Jou. of Mathematics, Kosovo, Vol.1 , No.1, 23-32,2012
  6. Some fixed point results in non- Archimedean Menger PM-spaces, Int. Jou. of Math. Sci.& Engg. Appl. (IJMSEA) India, Vol.6 , No.3 1325-436, 202
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  10. OWC mappings and its applications to fixed point theorems in Menger spaces, Indian academy of Mathematics, Gorakhpur, Vol.27, 37-48,2013.
  11. Presented a paper on \Algebraic Sum and Common Fixed point theorems", in the International conference on Recent Trends in Algebra and Analysis with Application, Dept. of Mathematics Aligarh Muslim University, (AMU Aligarh), INDIA, 12-14 Feb. 2014.
  12. Presented the paper entitled Fixed point theorems under -contractive conditions using OWC maps in Menger spaces ", in 18th Annual cum 3rd International conference of GAMS on Mathematical,Computational and Integrative Sciences, Sep 22-26, 2013 at Moulana Azad National Institute of Tech. MANIT Bhopal.
  13. Presented a paper on \Fuzzy metric spaces via fuzzy set theory and re-lated Applications", in International conference on Recent Trends in Soft Computing and Information Technology-09, AICTE-IEEE sponsored, 09- 10 January 2010, at CIST Bhopal. Paper to be published in the Journal \International Journal on Computer Engineering and Information Technology " ISSN 0974-2034.
  14. Presented a paper on Some Fixed Point Theorems in a Menger PM-Spaces in NCTCASE Organized under TEQIP-II by department of Applied Mathematics Samrat Ashok Technological Institute Vidisha (M.P.) 23-24 January, 2014.
  15. Presented paper on Some New Results using E. A. Property in M-fuzzy metric Spaces", in a national conference at CIST Bhopal, 5-6 May 2011.
  16. Presented paper in a national conference on Fixed Point Theorems using E.A. Property in Menger Probabilistic metric Spaces " at CORTAPAM-2010 at DDU University, Gorakhpur (U. P.), 24-25 July 2010.


Dr. Shradha mishra


  1. J.R. Singh, Shahnaj and S. Mishra (2000) :-A procedure for Detecting Level Shifts of First Order Auto correlated Processes with know Coefficient of Variation, Vikram Mathematical Journal Vol.20, pp.85-90.

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  4. J.R. Singh, Shahnaj and S. Mishra (2000) :-Variable Sampling Inspection for Non-normal Samples with Known C.V. Varahmihir Journal of Mathematical Sciences. Vol.5, No 1, pp 307-313.

           Seminar Attended:-

  1. Dr. Shraddha Mishra (2012) :- “Samajik Santulan and Balika “ School of Studies in Sociology Vikram University Ujjain.

  2. Dr. Shraddha Mishra (2012):- “Badalta shikshik pridarshaya and Madhya Pradeshya Vishya vidyalaya adhiniyam 1973” Vikram University Ujjain.

  3. Dr. Shraddha Mishra (2012) :- “Contribution of Ambedkarism in Indian Social Development “ Dr. Ambedkar Peeth Vikram University Ujjain.

  4. Dr. Shraddha Mishra (2013) :-” Libralisation and Indian Economy – Challenges and Prospects –WTO” Govt. Vivekanand P.G. College Maihar.

Dr. Swati Choursiya


  1. Common fixed point theorem for weakly compatible mappings in symmetric space, Advances in theoretical and applied mathematics, vol. 9, number 2,  (2014), page no. 137-142

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