Digital Classrooms

DIGICLASS IS  a new age technology movement that is fast becoming an imperative for schools  and colleges. We have focused on making it easier for the teachers to teach complex topics, problems and theorems with the aid of DIGICLASS multimedia content. DIGICLASS provides an alternative approach for complex and dry topics. Our interactive solutions help you teach fast and ensure that the students understand the subjects better.


For Teachers

  •   Easy to use and provides ready aid to teach complicated concepts with illustrated real life examples
  •   Crisp lessons to give the teacher complete control & flexibility
  •   Engages the student's attention and makes the class fun, interesting and interactive
  •   Perfect complement to conventional teaching


For Students:

  •   Enhances Students performance by facilitating long-term retention and retrieval.
  •   Dynamic nature encourages active learning and brings the subject to life.
  •   Complicated concepts are easily learned through attractive audiovisual explanations, Animations and Live experiments.
  •   No more turning pages, night outs and tedious study hours.