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Communication Skill Department:

Department Profile :

         Communication Skills Department objective is to prepare Engineering, MBA students to face challenges of the competitive world through communication. It is our constant endeavor to provide a safe, secure and happy learning environment to all our students. Achieving this is not a difficult task.

          We at Reasoning aim at partnering with every student in making meaningful contribution to their future of all by maximizing the potential of the English language in smoothening the roads to a better communication, and to a better tomorrow.

                In the first year the goal is achieved through RGPV prescribed syllabus and personal counseling. From second year onwards the objective is pursued through intensive interactive sessions such as story telling conversations, descriptions, newspaper reading etc. Students are groomed for interviews and campus placements through mock interviews, group discussions, presentations etc.

             The Department conducts literary competitions - Debates, Extempore, Presentations, Seminars etc. and trains students to anchor functions. The department also plays an important role in motivating, mentoring and monitoring the performance of individual students.

               The Department has a Language Lab equipped with Globarena Software.  The software covers all four sections of communication-Reading Writing, Listening & Speaking.

                 Along with these exercises vocabulary, grammar sessions cater to the needs of the students in order to prune them into confident human beings.


H.O.D. Profile:

Dr. Sanjay Sharma
M.phil(Eng Lit.),Ph.D (Eng.Lit )
Professor and Head, Humanities Department
of Birth-09/01/1974
Subject  : Communication Skills/English
Department : Humanities
Address  :  36, Ravindra Nagar, Ujjain- 456010
Email  :
Web site  :\
Contact No. :  +91-8871380566/700412963
Passport no.-.M3161895
Educational Qualification  :

                     1. Awarded Ph. D.(English literature) in       2002 from Vikram University
                     2. Passed M. Phil(Eng.lit). In 1995
                    3.passed B.Ed in 1994
                   4. Passed M.A. (English Lit.) in 1993
                   5. Passed P.G.D.C.A. in 1991
                  6.Passed B. Sc. In 1990
                 7.  post graduate diploma in Translation      from   IGNOU

Experience    : 1. Worked in Govt. Polytechnic, Ujjain from 96 to 2000(4years)

  •                 2. Has been working with Rishiraj Institute of Technology since 2004 onwards( Completed 13  years)
  • Total Experience:                      :17 years  of teaching in college  
    Research Publications :
    1. The Central Role of Woman Characters in the Plays of Tennessee William, Research Link,    88 A, Vol.- X (5),    July 2011, Indore, ISSN-0973-1628, P.27 to 29.
    2.   Art of Oratory, Vikas International Journal of Management, Science & Technology, Vol-1 Issue-2, ISSN No. 2277-4963, P.65-68.
    3.  Influence of Greek Myths in the Plays of Tennyssee William, Research Link,    ISSN – 0973- 1628, Issue- 110, Vol.- XII (3),    May 2013, P.84 to 86.
    4.  Realism, Expressionism & Symbolism in the Plays of Tennessee William, Research Link- 111, ISSN -0973- 1628, Vol.- XII (4),    June 2013, P.52 to 54.
    5.  Use of Words Which Lead to Confusion, Research trend. International Journal on Art, Management & Humanities, ISSN No. – 2319-523, Vol. 2(2). 2013.P. 5 to 9.
    6.  Important Aspects of the Translation. Shodh Samiksha Aur Muljankars, ISSN No. (Run) 0974-2832, E- ISSN- 2320-5474, Vol V, Aug. – Sept. 2013 (combined), p. 55-57.
        7.., “Teaching English can be cakewalk “published in IJELLH,International Journal of English               
               language, literature & Humanities( Bi-monthly Journal),ISSN 2321-7065,volume1, Issue
              iv, December 2013,, Bhopal,page-65-69.
       8.    “Study of Interesting Mash-up words and Expressions,Vindhya Bloom(Quarterly National                                     
               Research Journal), ISSN 23198478,Volume 1, Issue 2, December2013, Ujjain, pg.-21-22.
    9.” Communication plays a vital role in self development”,Creating writing and criticism,International journal of English studies,VolumeX,no.2,ISSN 0975-2390,April2013,Sikandrabad,page-55-59.
    10.” Effective use of speaking makes the speaker eloquent” Creating writing and criticism,International journal of English studies,VolumeXI,no.1,ISSN 0975-2390,Oct.2013,Sikandrabad,page-99-102..
    11.” Increasing importance of English language for a promising career” ,IJRIAS,Volume 1,Issue v,Aug2016,ISSN 2454-6194,Gurgaon.
    12.” Is communication bedrock of all human relationship”,IJELLH,volume iv,Issue VIII,August 2016,ISSN-23217065,Bhopal,P.156-161.
    Papers Presented in Seminars/ Conferences :
    1. ’Influence of Mother Tongue in Learning the Second Language’, was presented in National seminar, held in Dec. 99 in Madhav Science College, Ujjain.
    2. ‘Problems of Evils as Viewed by Tagore and Radha Krishnan’, presented in National Seminar, held in Oct. 2002 in Madhav Science College, Ujjain.
    3. ‘Bridges of Communication’, presented in National Seminar, held in LNCT, Indore in 2011.
    4. ‘Communication Plays a Vital Role in Self Development’, presented in National Seminar, held in RIT, Indore in 2011.
    5. ‘Requisite of Soft Skills Which Make a Person Stand out & Successful’, presented in National Seminar held in JDCT, Indore in 2013.
          6.Important aspects regarding persecution against women and children  presented in national Seminar in    Dalit Sahitya Academy ,Ujjain in Feb.2014
           7.’Objectives of Business communication ‘ presented in national conference held in SVITS in Oct 14
          8. Attended a National seminar  On ‘Professional Writing” in MIT,Ujjain in Nov.14.
            9.Important  factors which make Communication effective presented in National Seminar held in L.N.C.T,Indore in November 14.
    10.Effective use of Nonverbal communication presented in International seminar held in LNCTS Indore in March 18.
    Special Achievements :
    1. Bestowed the Best Faculty Award in 2013
    2. Selected as a paper setter in U.P. Technical Mandal
    3. Was called upon as a key-note speaker in I.P.S institute in the faculty development programme.
    4. .Written  a book on  English for B.Tech.(First year ) according to RGPV syllabus which  has been published by Igate academy in Oct. 2017.
    Ongoing Projects :
    1. Writing a book titled ‘How to make translation better and correct’.


          Department runs Language Lab which is well equipped with Globarena software with a capactiy of 60 student at a time.


           Students of BE and MBA have achieved distinguished performance in exams conducted by RGPV (95% result of 1st year B.E. students). Many students have succeeded in Placement in various MNCs. Faculty members have made significant contribution in research knowledge by presenting research articles in National Conferences.