FROM LNCT Indore to Broadcom Communication MUMBAI: Kumar Nandan Short story.......

Secret behind my success :-

My name is Kumar Nandan,Currently working as Staff 1 Design Engineer @Broadcom Communication, MUMBAIGraduated from LNCT as an Electronics Engineer in 2011.Today I would like to share my experience with LNCT and the type of effort that I focused on to reach my goals. My initial objective was to prepare for Core Technical Exams and hence needed improved Technical skills along with Communication skills as it plays a vital role in any career aspect.

Talking about LNCT Indore which I realized is one of the best colleges that is dedicated to train the youth in the field of Computer Engineering, Electronics & Mechanical as they go extra mile and enable students to go beyond the course content. Needless to say that the faculty and the Academic environment is such that students are focused towards achieving their goals of being at a best workplace with best of skills.

span style="font-family: georgia,serif;">Early realization of the fact that getting the basics cleared in first place will lead to success irrespective of the nature of the exam. Be it GATE, any Public Sector exam or RGPV. During graduation, my focus was on the construction, working of each component & how it is integrated for a workable technology. Questions like how a processor/IC is constructed, how VLSI Technology works fascinated me. I always formulated my notes & answers in form of Points and diagrams for my n evaluators better understanding. Apart from the curriculum, I focused on additional Engineering topics online, watched lectures on you-tube, gone through IEEE papers for my University Exam preparation which helped me scoring 70% + in theory from 3rd sem till 8th sem & the final semester was a triumph with a score of 82.5 % Hons. degree in University. Also cleared the CDAC exam for the course of VLSI Designing and was the biggest achievement for me.

This achievement was even more cherished when an year after completing my engineering, I received a heart enlightening mail from Dr. Sandhya Chouksey (DIRECTOR co curriculum of LNCT group of colleges ) stating that " I was the College Topper from LNCT in the batch of 2007-11 batch" and has been selected for "Best Academic Excellence Topper Award Winner" during annual function in year 2012 which was collected by me and felt honored.

LNCT is One of the best campuses in MP with well informed faculties, well equipped labs & well maintained library.

3 things that can lead to success in any exam–

Passion,    Dedication &    Sincerity.  There is no short cut to success.

My message for Upcoming Engineers:-

Always set standards for yourself. keep working hard and stay motivated. Keep looking for improvement areas to sustain motivation & get the results"

A message for juniors - "Concentrate on your studies & put your best efforts in a smart way & Remember "Right kind of effort at right time pays off".