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Assistant Professor/ Associate Professor/ Professor/ HOD/ Principal

Role & Responsibilities includes (but not limited to): Plan and manage the planning, delivery, evaluation and improvement of the education of all students in a community through the strategic deployment of resources provided by the department and the college community. Accountable for the overall leadership, management and development of the college within guidelines and policies. Implement decisions of the college governing body. Monitor the academic / activities calendar, time table, conducting exams of the college each semester. Plan, prepare budget and submit report for manpower requirement, for lab establishment, equipment required, consumables, books required, etc. before the commencement of the semester. Ensure classes, exams and activities are conducted as per schedule. Ensure approvals and renewals of the following agencies - AICTE, UGC and other relevant organizations. Ensure discipline of students in campus is maintained. Ensure that adequate and appropriate advice is provided to the council on educational and other matters; that the decisions of the council are implemented; and that adequate support and resources are provided for the conduct of council meetings. Communicate to the departments, college community, parents and students on the achievements of the college and of individual students as appropriate. Counsel students / parents regarding academics, attendance & related issues in the presence of respective HOD and Mentor (Counsel where ever required) Execute the related activities and tasks assigned by the management from time to time

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