Students Achivement

  1. Niharika Tiwari from CSE 2nd year got the best player award and Trophy for the girl's team championship as the Captain in Indore Nodal Table Tennis held at SVCE Indore.
  2. Smit Sharan & Rahul Kushwah (CSE 3rd Sem) had participated in NEN Leadership workshop held at IIT Indore from 13oct to 14 Oct 2016.
  3. Gauri Neekhra student of CSE 2nd year. She is overall topper from all branches. SGPA-9.04  CGPA- 8.98,
  4. Akshay Punekar from CSE got selected as a national player in Table Tennis.
  5. Shailesh Tripathi from IT final year got selected in state level Valley Boll Team.