Engineering Physics

Engineering Physics

Engineering Physics forms the basis and integral part of present day modern institutes of science and technology. Department of Engineering physics has been effectively functional since the inception of LNCT, Indore in 2004. The department has been playing a pivotal role in shaping up future technocrats produced by the institution. The department stands focused to its ideals in imparting knowledge in physics and emphasizing its importance along with relevance to future engineering professionals. The Engineering Physics Department is headed by Dr. Sonu Sen along with one more dedicated faculty member and a laboratory technician. The Department has high tech infra a structure that includes a spacious laboratory housing latest equipments.  The course curriculum both in theory and practical is periodically upgraded as per the guide lines of RGPV, Bhopal and AICTE, New Delhi. All the faculty members train the students to handle high tech equipments as well as help them have a profound base of physics that is relevant to all branches of technology. Students are helped in paper presentation, contest in current scientific topic and project/ model making to help them being at par with the industry.



          The Department has a well equipped technical state of art laboratory, which has latest apparatus including experiments housed in the dark room. The laboratory is specially designed aesthetically, to provide conducive work environment.

Goal of the Department:

  • To help students strengthen the fundamentals in physics and use them to applications in engineering.
  • To help students gain practical knowledge / analytical bent of mind and experimental skills.
  • To inculcate scientific attitude and culture of scientific reasoning among students.
  • To produce consistently good result every academic year.

To produce high quality research publications.