Engineering Chemistry

Engineering Chemistry

The department of chemistry is engaged in providing highest level and quality of academic education comprising both basic and applied areas of chemistry. The department is well equipped with sophisticated instrumentation facilities required to facilitate the modern day chemistry. The students in our department are provided a comprehensive practical exposure to the various instrumental techniques required for their research.

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Department of Chemistry

LNCT Indore, Madhya Pradesh


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HOD Profile:-

Dr. Deepak Kumar Khare

Dr. Deepak Kumar Khare, Associate Professor and Head of Engineering Chemistry Department, LNCT, Indore obtained his M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry) degree in 1997 and Ph.D. in 2005 from Institute of Chemical Sciences, UTD, Devi Ahilya University, Indore (MP) on “Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Some Biologically Active Mannich Bases”.

He was given an opportunity to serve in Govt. Polytechnic College, Barwani as a guest faculty in Chemistry and Environmental Engineering. He was also served as Head of Chemistry at Vidyasagar School (CBSE), Indore.

He has successfully completed eight years in Lakshmi Narain College of Technology, Indore and continuing working there. He has organized a National Conference on “Recent Trends in role of Catalyst in Industry” in LNCT, Indore. He has sent one research proposal of Chemistry on “Synthesis of microbially active compounds” to AICTE, New Delhi for approval under Research Promotion Scheme. He has thirteen publications to his credit in both International/National Journals. He has attended various conferences and workshops. He has also attended three short term courses in IIT Madras, IIT Guwahati and IIT kanpur.








Dr. Deepak Kumar khare

Asso. Professer

Ph.D. (Chemistry)

11 Years


Dr. Bharti Agrawal

Asst. Prof.

Ph.D. (Chemistry)

5 Years


Dr. Neelam Choure

Asst. Prof. Ph.D. (Chemistry) 9 Years

Infrastructure: -

List of Experiments for BE – I Year (I & II sem)

  1. Determine the type and extent of Alkalinity of given sample of water by N/50 Hydrochloric acid (HCl), when [P > ½ M].
  2. Determine the type and extent of Alkalinity of given sample of water by N/50 Hydrochloric acid (HCl), when [P < ½ M].
  3. Water sample-A contains 1 gm CaCO3 equivalent / litre standardize the EDTA solution and determine the Total Hardness of given water sample-B. Report your answer in ppm and in 0Cl.
  4. To determine the Normality and Strength in gm/litre of given unknown solution of Ferrous ammonium sulphate (FAS) by titrating it with Potassium dichromate using Diphenyl amine as an internal indicator. The concentration of known solution of FAS is N/40.
  5. To determine the Flash point and Fire point of the given lubricating oil sample by using Able’s apparatus.
  6. To determine the Flash point and Fire point of the given lubricating oil sample by using Penskey Martin’s apparatus.
  7. To determine the Viscosity of given sample of lubricating oil at different temperature by using Redwood Viscometer No. 1.
  8. To determine the Viscosity of given sample of lubricating oil at different temperature by using Redwood Viscometer No. 2.
  9. Determine the Moisture Content in the given powdered coal sample.
  10. To determine the cloud and pour point of    given lubricating oil by Cloud and Pour point apparatus.

Department Research work :-

Dr. Deepak Kumar Khare


  1. L M of Ind. Sci. Congress Association, Kolkata.
  2. L M of Ind. Council of Surface Sci. and Catalysis, Indore.

Conference / Workshop / Short Term Course Attended:

  1. National Multi-Conference on “Recent Trends in Applied Sciences and Communication Skills” organized by R.I.T., Indore, April 27th, 2014.
  2. Short Term Course on “Disasters, Environment and Risk Reduction” jointly organized by Dept. of Civil Engg. and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), held at IIT Madras (Chennai), Jan 27-31, 2014.
  3. National Multi-Conference on “Advanced Techniques & Researches in Mechanical Engineering & Engineering Chemistry” organized by R.I.T., Indore, Aug. 07, 2013.
  4. Short Term Course on “Law and Economics” organized by Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences, held at IIT Kanpur (U.P.), Oct 22-28, 2012.
  5. Short Term Course on “Integrated solid waste management” organized by Dept. of Civil Engg., held at IIT Guwahati (Assam), Jan 9-13, 2012.
  6. Ist International Science Congress (ISC-2011) on “Science and Technology for sustainable development” organized by Research Journal of Chemical Sciences, held at Maharaja Ranjit Singh College of Professional Sciences, Indore, Dec 24-25, 2011.
  7. Short term Training Programming on “Introduction to smart materials & Structures” organized by centre for continuing education & Dept. of Applied mechanics, held at IIT Madras (Chennai), Jan 4-8, 2011.
  8. National Workshop on “Nanotechnology: Upshots in Interdisciplinary Research” Sponsored by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, HRD Group, New Delhi, organized by dept. of Chemical Engineering, Institute of Engineering and Science,  IPS Academy, Indore,  Aug. 02-06, 2011.
  9. National Multi-Conference on “Contemporary Global Trends in Technology and Management (CGTTM-2011)” organized by L.N.C.T., Indore, Aug. 18-20, 2011.
  10. National Symposium on “Climate Change and Environment Management (CCEM)” organized by dept. of chemistry, Medicaps Institute of Technology and Management, Indore, Aug. 24, 2011.
  11. National Conference on “Emerging Views in Advanced Chemistry” organized by dept. of Chemistry, MLV Govt. College, Bhilwara (Rajasthan), Dec. 17-19, 2010.
  12. National Seminar on “Water Summit” sponsored by Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP), organized by College of Technology, G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar (Uttarakhand), Feb. 19-21, 2009.
  13. Workshop (Mission 10X) on “High Impact Teaching Skills” organized by Wipro, Banglore held at L.N.C.T., Indore, Nov. 02-06, 2009.
  14. Workshop on “Ethical Hacking and Information Security” conducted by Kyrion Digital Securities, Guwahati held at L.N.C.T., Indore, Dec. 03-04, 2009.
  15. Workshop on “Faculty Development Programme” conducted by The Edge Makers; A Training and Consulting Enterprises, held at L.N.C.T., Indore, June, 2008.
  16. Regional Seminar on “Recent Advances in spectroscopic methods” organized by Perkin Elmer Technical Centre, Mumbai, held at Fortune Landmark, Indore, Oct. 16, 2008.                                                                                                                 

Research Paper:-

  1. Deepak Khare, Teena Pareek, A.V. Bajaj, Dheeraj Mandloi, Chanchala Joshi and Surabhi Purohit QSAR study of sulphonamides with anti-bacterial activity against pseudomonas aeruginosa International Journal of Latest Technology in Engineering, Management & Applied Science, vol. 3 (issue 4A) 32-37, 2014.
  2. Deepak Khare, Vipul Thakur, Dheeraj Mandloi and Shailesh Gupta Significance of silica fume in enhancing the quality of concrete. International Journal of Engineering Research, vol. 2 (issue 2) 95-100, 2013.
  3. Deepak Khare, Anurag Gupta, Dheeraj Mandloi and Shailesh Gupta Case study of air and noise pollution in Diwali season in Indore. Indian Journal of Scholarly Research, vol. 2 (issue 2) 14-16, 2013.
  4. Deepak Khare  and Dheeraj Mandloi Synthesis and antimicrobial studies of some novel Mannich bases derived from secondary amines. International Journal of Basic and Applied Chemical Sciences, 1 (vol. 2) 37-42, 2012.
  5. Deepak Khare, Sapna Dadade and Dheeraj Mandloi Physical and Chemical Testing of Compounded PVC. Indian Journal of Applied Research, 5 (vol. 1) 95-96, 2012.
  6. Deepak Khare, Sheela Joshi and Dheeraj Mandloi Synthesis and antimicrobial studies of biologically potential Mannich bases of 5-chloro-2-methoxybenzamide derived from sulphonamides. Journal of Chemical, Biological and Physical Sciences, 1 (vol. 1), 122-131, 2011.
  7. Deepak Khare, Dheeraj Mandloi and Teena Pareek Rain water Harvesting in Indore city: A demanding need for Sustainable Development. Journal of Chemical, Biological and Physical Sciences, 1 (vol. 1), 2011.
  8. Deepak Khare, Sheela Joshi, Anjudas Manikpuri and P.V.Khadikar Synthesis and SAR studies on the new potentially bioactive Mannich bases of 2-methyl benzamide derived from sulphonamides.Oxidation Communication, Bulgaria, 33 (1) 380-398, 2010.
  9. Deepak Khare, Sheela Joshi, Anjudas Manikpuri and P.V.Khadikar  Synthesis and structural characterization of the Mannich bases of 5-Uriedohydantion as potential antibacterial agents. Oxidation Communication, Bulgaria, 32 (3), 714-723, 2009.
  10. Deepak Khare, Sheela Joshi and Anjudas Manikpuri  Synthetic, spectroscopic and antimicrobial studies of Mannich bases through active hydrogen compounds.  International Journal of Chemical Sciences, 7 (2), 825-836, 2009.
  11. Deepak Khare, Sheela Joshi, Anjudas Manikpuri and Purti Bilgaiyan Synthesis and studies of Mannich bases of 2-chloro-4-nitrobenzamide as antimicrobial agent.  Journal of Environmental Research and Development, 1 (Vol. 3), 37-44, 2008.
  12. Deepak Khare, Sheela Joshi and  Anjudas Manikpuri Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity of Mannich bases of 2-chloro-4-nitro benzamide derived from sulphonamides. Journal of Indian Chemical Society, 85, 508-512, 2008.
  13. Deepak Khare, Sheela Joshi, N. Khosla and R. Sharda Synthesis and Invitro studies of novel Mannich bases as antimicrobial agent. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters, Tokyo (Japan), 15, 221-226, 2005.
  14. Deepak Khare, Sheela Joshi, Navita Khosla and Prapti Tiwari Synthesis and antibacterial screening of novel sulphonamide Mannich bases. Acta Pharmaceutica, Croatia, 52, 197-206, 2002.

Dr. Neelam Choure

Research Papers Published

  1. “Polarographic Analysis of Fatty Acids Obtained from the Seed of Persea     americana ”, Asian Journal of Chemistry Vol. 22, No. 7 (2010).
  2. “Structural Modification of Coumarin for its increased Anticoagulation Potency”.   Canadian Journal on Chemical Engineering & Technology Vol. 1, No. 2, April 2010.
  3. “ Polarographic Analysis of Structurally Modified Paracetamol”.   e-journal of chemistry, vol. 8, 2010.
  4. “Structurally Modified Atropine molecule by electroanalytical  method for its increased Anesthetic Potency”. Journal  chemical and pharmaceutical research, vol.2, issue 6, 2010.
  5. “Synthesis and bioelectrochemical screening of modified Tolbutamide molecule”. Pelagia Research Library, vol.2, issue1, 2011
  6. “Study of Zn(II)-Coumarin metal complex by electrochemical method with   increased anticoagulant potency”. Rev Anal Chem 30 (2011): 53–57.
  7. “The role of Co(II) in the increased medicinal potency of Glimepride analyzed by electrochemical methods”. IJABPT Volume: 2: Issue-1: Jan-Mar -2011.
  8. “ Polarographic and Pharmacological study of Zn (II)-Paracetamol  complex” CPR 1(2), 2011, 123-126.   
  9. “Electrochemical analysis of fatty acids obtained from the natural resource  seed of perilla frutescens” Asian J. Research Chem. 4(5): May, 2012.
  10. “ Polarography and Pharmacological Study of Atropine Fe complex for its increased Anesthetic Potency”  Journal of Scientific Research in Pharmacy 2013, 1(2)
  11. “Electroanalytical and Pharmacological study of Fe(II)-Paracetamol complex” IJDFR volume 2 Issue 3, May-June 2013.
  12. “Polarograpy of Zn (II)-Tolbutamide complex and its Pharmacological Study” Elixir Appl. Chem. 57A (2014) 14467-14469.
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  15. “Electroanalytical and Pharmacological study of  Zn(II)-Paracetamol complex”  Canadian Journal on Chemical Engineering & Technology, Accepted.
  16. ” Polarographic Analysis of Fatty Oils (Saponifiable Matter) obtained from the Seed of  Phyllanthus emblica”. World Journal of Organic Chemistry, Communicated.

Paper present in Conferences

  1. “Analysis of lipolysed product of high temperature heated Buhanania lanzan seed oil” - 42nd Annual Convention of Chemists, Visva-Bharti, Shantiniketan (2005).
  2. “Analysis of monoglyceride” - 43rd Annual Convention of Chemists, Aurangabad (2006).
  3. "Electrometric analysis of fatty acids-obtained from natural origin (Guizotia abyssinica seed oil)” - 44th Annual Convention of Chemists, Jaipur (2007).
  4. “Polarographic analysis of Fatty acids-obtained from natural origin (Persea-americana seed oil)” - 26th Annual conference of Indian Council of Chemists, Sagar (2007).
  5. “Polarographic analysis of Fatty acids-obtained from natural origin (Passiflora edulis seed oil)” - 45th Annual Convention of Chemists, Dharwad (2008).
  6. “Polarographic analysis of Fatty acids-obtained from natural origin (Perilla frutescen seed oil)” - 46th Annual Convention of Chemists, Vallore (2009).
  7. “Preparation of Alkane Diol and Characterization of its Derivative as a Possible  Surfactant” –97th Indian Science Congress, Thiruvananthapuram, (2010).