Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics & Communication Engineering :

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) runs a four year Bachelor of Engineering Degree Course and a two year  M.Tech Course in Digital. Communication both affiliated to Rajeev Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal, and Approved by AICTE New Delhi.

In order to ensure high standards of education for its students, the department has constantly upgraded itself by adding well–equipped and fully furnished laboratories to supplement the theory courses. Old laboratories like the Electronics-I, Electronics-II, Microprocessor Labs have been upgraded with state-of-the -art equipment and many new tools have been added, including advanced EDA, PCB Design, RF and Embedded System, to name the few. All laboratories are designed aesthetically to provide a conducive work environment for the students.

ECE department of LNCT Indore, has always taken initiative to promote research activities. Various research papers have been published by faculties and students of department in recent years. Every year Department organizes a National Level Conference in the field of  Communication Engineering. Every semester our students visit industry and establishments related to tele – communication. Many good projects have also been done by our students, regularly in the past. Details of some of the innovative project, currently being undertaken by our students are appended below :-

Electronics & Communication Engineering is an integral part of our modern day communication technology and it play inevitable role to nurture technocrats in this field. The EC Department, headed by Prof AC Tiwari has well experienced and PG qualified faculties. The department helps to maintain the right blend of theory and practice and enables the students to have a firm grasp of basic principles in enhancing their ability to design practical circuits and connections. Since its inception, the department has progressed rapidly and is now regarded as one of the premier departments of this college, with excellent infrastructure and dedicated faculty members. The course contents for each semester have been analyzed in every aspect and have constantly been revised and upgraded in order to give the students a holistic and pragmatic view of the present scenario of the Electronics and Communication industry as well as a grounding in the concepts and theories that will shape the future of the IT industry.

HOD Profile:-

Prof A.C. Tiwari

Prof A.C. Tiwari has obtained his graduation degree in Electrical Engineering in 1969 from HBTI Kanpur. He then joined the Army in 1970 and took part in Bangla Desh War by providing multi -channel radio and line communications to two field formations under a newly raised Strike Corps. During the next 30 years, in peace, Training Exercises, and under the various cold and hot war periods, he helped in providing various types of communication support to Static and Field Formations of Army and Air Force. He also had two tenures of Instructional Appointments in Category “A” Establishments, for teaching Mobile and Electronic Warfare to the officers of armoured units. He also commanded two communication units and served as a Director at the Army Headquarters. During his service in Army, he completed his MBA in Operation Research from Poona University, and M Tech in Optical Communications from IIT Delhi.

After leaving Army in Yr 2000, he worked as a Project Manager, for laying Optical Fiber Cables in Andhra Pradesh for TATA Teleservices, and later as a HOD in Engineering Colleges. His field of interest lies in Optical Communication, use of optical fiber as sensor, and mobile communication. He has written papers on Meteor Burst Communication, Near Vertical Incidence Sky Wave Communication and Cognitive Radio. He is a Fellow of IETE and member of IMA.








Prof A. C. Tiwari



18 Yr


Mr. Yashvant Birala Asst. Prof M.Tech. -


Mr. Giriraj Prajapati

Asst. Prof




Mr. Praveen Patidar

Asst. Prof


8 Yr


Mr. Deepak Pancholi

Asst. Prof




Mrs. Neha Namdev

Asst. Prof




Mr. Mukesh Patidar

Asst. Prof




Mr. Dhamendra Patel

Asst. Prof




Mr. Shyam Gehlot

Asst. Prof




Mrs. Meena Badole

Asst. Prof



Infrastructure: - 

1 Electronics Device & Electronics Circuit Lab.

2. Digital Electronics Lab.

3. Communication Network and Transmission Line Lab.

4. Antenna Lab.

5. Analog and Digital Communication Lab.

6. Major Project Lab.

7. Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab.

8. Software and Simulation Lab.

Department Research work :-

  • Ashok chandra Tiwari “ Performance Analysis of OFDM system under FFT, DWT & DCT based transform techniques” International Journal of Engineering Technology and Advanced Engineering (IJEAE) ISSN 2250-2459Vol 4 Issue 7
  • Ashok chandra Tiwari “ Comparative analysis of ZF and MMSE receiver for various modulation scheme for macrodiversity MIMO system with flat rayleight channel and rician channel” International Journal of Innovation Engineering research and management  (IJIERM) ISSN 2248--4518 Vol 1 Issue III
  • Ashok chandra Tiwari “ Comparative the pulse performance value on multi user DS-CDMA system” International Journal of Engineering Science and research Technology  (IJESRT) ISSN 2277-9655
  • ShelendrasinghTomar, Dr. ShyamAkashey “Static  Noise Margin Analysis During Read Operation of 7T SRAM Cells in 45nm Technology for Increase Cell Stability” International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology,(IJEST)  ISSN: 0975- 5462Vol – 3, No. IX September 2011 pp 7180-7186
  • ShelendrasinghTomar, Dr. Madhavsingh “Analysis of Stability and SNM for 7T Sram Cell on 45-nm Technology”. International Journal of research and Reviews in Computer Science (IJRRC) ISSN:2079-257 Vol 2, No. VI  December 2011 pp 1264-1267
  • ShelendrasinghTomar, Dr. Madhavsingh “ANALYSIS OF 7T SRAM CELL WITH SNM ON 45NM TECHNOLOGY FOR INCREASING CELL STABILITY         “ IEEE Explorer (ICONSET) IEEE no. 978-1-4673-0072-8/11 pp 443-445
  • Shipra Mishra . Shelendra Singh Tomar “Design Low Power 10T Full Adder Using Process & Circuit Techniques” IEEE Explorer  ISCO’2013 IEEE No. 978-1-4673-4601-6/13
  • ShelendrasinghTomar, Dr. Shyam Akashey, Dr. Sanjay Sharma, “Modeling & Simulation of low power memory 7T SRAM cell design using various techniques of process and material parameter.” SCI Conference 2ndInternatinal Advances in Applied Physics & Material Science Congress  Turky   April 26-29-2012  (Abstract No. 121)
  • ShipraMishra, AmitDubey ShelendrasinghTomar,  Dr. ShyamAkashe Dr. Sanjay Sharma Design & Simulation of High Level Low Power 7T SRAM CELL Using Various Process & Circuit Techniques.IEEE Explorer (ISPCC 12) March 15th-17 2012 pp-(proceeding)
  • Brajbhushan Singh Tomar ShelendrasinghTomar “Modeling & Simulation of low power memory 7T SRAM memory cell using technology 45nm for increase SNM & Cell stability” National Conference ITM Gwalior(M.P.)     December 16th-17th 2011 Abstract No. 17
  • ShelendrasinghTomar, Dr. Arun Agrawal 7-Transistor SRAM Cell Design on 45nm Technology with High SNM and Read Stabilityfor increase SNM & Cell stability          National Conference CAEERT11 MITS Gwalior (M.P.)           December 16th-17th 2011 Abstract No. 46
  • Mukesh Patidar “Performance Analysis of WiMAX 802.16e Physical Layer Model” Paper ID-289, Ninth International Conference on Wireless and Optical Communications Networks (WOCN-2012 IEEE), Indore Madhya Pradesh India 978-1-4673-1989-8/12/$31.00©2012 IEEE.
  • Mukesh Patidar “Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.16e MAC Layer Simulink Model Over Rician Channel” Paper ID-61, Third Asian Himalayas International Conference on Internet (AH-ICI-2012 IEEE), Kathmandu Nepal.
  • Mukesh Patidar “BER Evaluation of IEEE 802.16e MAC Layer Model Over Rician Channel With QPSK & QAM Modulation” Universe of Emerging Technologies and Science (UNIETS) Volume I Issue I – June 2014.
  • Mukesh Patidar “Efficient algorithm for Speech Enhancement using Adaptive filter” Research Trend International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering (IJEECE) ISSN No. Online: 2277-2626.
  • Mukesh Patidar “Performance Analysis of WiMAX 802.16e Physical layer Model Over AWGN Channel” paper presented in National conference on Technical Education-Challenges Ahead & Tech Conjure 2012, Bansal Institute of Research & Technology (Bansal Group)Bhopal Madhya Pradesh India, 28th Feb & 29th Feb 2012.
  • Mukesh Patidar “WiMAX 802.16e PHY layer Model” Paper Presented in ILLUMINATI 2k12, Gangamai College of Engineering, Nagaon Dhule Maharashtra India, 15th Mar 2012.
  • Mukesh Patidar “Offline signature verification using a Neural Network - Study paper” Presented in National Seminar on RGDTMS2011, Rishiraj Institute of Technology Indore Madhya Pradesh India, 20 October & 22 October 2011.
  • Mukesh Patidar “2nd National Multi Conference on Advance Technology & Researches in Civil Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering and Communication Skills Attended & Paper Presented at Jagadguru Dattatray College of Technology (LNCT Group of College) Indore Madhya Pradesh India, 7 September 2013.
  • Mukesh Patidar “IEEE-802.16e Layer Model over Fading & AWGN Channel using QPSK Technique” Paper Presented in National Seminar on Emerging Trends in Engineering & Science, Rishiraj Institute of Technology Indore Madhya Pradesh India (LNCT Group College), Aprial-2k14.
  • Workshop on “Opportunities in Electronics System Design & Manufacturing (OESDM-2012)” in Central India Institute of Technology, Indore Madhya Pradesh Sponsored by Govt. of India Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Workshop held on 23 August 2012.
  • Vocational TRAINING on “Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI)” in ScienTech Learning Centre  Indore Madhya Pradesh during form 10th July 2009 to 07th August 2009.
  • Minor Training on “Antenna, Transmitting and Studio Equipments” in Prasar Bharati  (Broadcasting Corporation of India ) Doordarshan Kendra Indore Madhya Pradesh during 02nd Feb 2009 to 09th Feb 2009).
  • Mukesh Patidar  During Master of Engineering   programme, got the “Institute Scholarship - Institute of Engineering & Science IPS Academy, Indore (Madhya Pradesh)" for the International Conference (WOCN-2012 IEEE)
  • GIRIRAJ PRAJAPATI K.C MAHAJAN         “investigations of a bow tie micro strip antenna in   wireless  application”            Journal International
  • GIRIRAJ PRAJAPATI K.C MAHAJAN         “ smart antenna design for wireless communication using adaptive beam-forming approach          Journal International
  • GIRIRAJ PRAJAPATI  K.C MAHAJAN        a study and analysis of smart antennas for software radio archicture in  wireless communication application Journal        International
  • GIRIRAJ PRAJAPATI K.C MAHAJAN         a study and analysis of smart antennas for broadband wireless acess    network  in     wireless communication application” Journal International
  • GIRIRAJ PRAJAPATI K.C MAHAJAN         hybrid smart antenna system using directional elements performance analysis in flat  rayleigh fading”   Journal International
  • GIRIRAJ PRAJAPAT K.C MAHAJAN          Study and analysis of a novel smart antenna in wireless Lan communication system National Conference AECE -2013” at S.V.C.E. Indore. Conference     NATIONAL
  • Praveen Kumar Patidar, Prof. Manish Barve Performance analysis of BER and optimal channel estimation for OFDM systems using different Equalization and Diversity Algorithms      Journal International
  • Praveen Kumar Patidar Performance Evaluation of BER for OFDM systems using different Equalization & Diversity Algorithm over AWGN channel            Multi-Conference National
  • Praveen Kumar Patidar Performance evaluation of BER for MIMO-OFDM systems using MMSE Equalization Algorithm with SIC technique       Conference       National
  • Praveen Kumar Patidar, Gurdeep Singh Bhatia  Performance Evaluation and comparison between Viterbi Algorithm soft and hard decision decoding Conference       National
  • Praveen Kumar Patidar Performance Evaluation of BER for MIMO with Spatial Multiplexing using various Equalization Algorithm         Conference National
  • Praveen Kumar Patidar Novel impulse detection in Image Denoising      Conference National
  • Aakash Bajaj, Praveen Kumar Patidar  Performance of Image Segmentation using Region Growing Algorithm Conference National
  • Neeraj Bansal, Praveen Kumar Patidar Spectrum sensing techniques in cognitive radio Journal International
  • Sanjay Choudhary, Praveen Kumar Patidar An improved wavelet transform based image compression and transmission over wireless channel model      Journal International
  • Vivek Trivedi, Praveen Kumar Patidar  MMSE Equalization Algorithm with VBLAST Journal International


Winning first prize in Vindya college Robot war,  RIT Robot war, Vikrant Robot war and runner up in Vikrant college Robot race Swami Vivekanand college Robot war

Winning First prize in RIT runner up LNCT chess competition and runner up Bat-Minton LNCT Indore.

Membership details:

Dr. S S Tomar Member of IEEE

Some of the Innovative Projects done by the students in 2014-2015 Academic Years


Roll No.

Students Name

Project title

Under the Guidance






Pallavi Sahay

Lalita kumbhare

Farheen Naz

Mani sankar

*Emergency Assistance and Crime control using GSM and GPS.

Dr. S.S.Tomar






Ratnesh jadone

Lushi Dhali

Anil dandawa

Mayank Soni

*Inventory Control based on RFID

Prof A.C.Tiwari






Sardar Yadav

Manish Sharma

Ruchi Singh

Preeti Narottam

*Thermal Face Recognized Access Control

Mr. Praveen Patidar





Kartik Mali

Aditya Gupta

Amit Shrivastav

*Gesture Control Robot

Dr. S S Tomar





Prerna Sinha

Simmi Singh

Amit Kumar


Dr. S.S.Tomar






Aman Agrawal

Bhavika  Joshi

Parul Yadav

Akash prajapati

*Electricity Theft Control System

Prof. A.C.Tiwari







Arastu Dixit

Abhilash Shukla

Bhupat Rathore

Devesh Mohala

Jayesh Songara

*Voice Recognition System using MFCC algorithm

Dr. S S Tomar






Sharon Morris

Shubham Gupta

Vjay Rathore

Prashant garkar

Industrial Control using Cell phone

Dr. S.S.Tomar






Janesh Sharma

Anuj Patel

Ajeet Kumar

Deepesh Rawat

*Digital Notice Board using DTMF

Mrs. Neha Namdev






Akshita Ostwal

Adarsh Pawaiya

Garima Sharma

Deep Chourasia

*Automatic Irrigation Using Zig Bee

Mr. Giriraj Prajapati