Central Library

Dwelling on new digital initiatives the LNCT Central Library cater to the academic interests and research needs of the student and faculty members. Buildup more than 12500Sq.ft the library is well stocked with over print books 28920 volumes and 500 back sets of periodicals. 11 news papers and more than 80 electronic media like CDs/DVDs. The library house industry relevant reports, standards, annual reports, magazines, newsletters, etc. An automated set-up with user-friendly portal providing a single point access to e-resources is underway, the Library has a rich collection on various subjects like management, business, technology, pharmacy, sciences, etc. More than 1400 users are taking advantage of this library annually. 
The Library is managed professionally and apart from Lending and Reference services; offer good number of e-info services. The Library and E-Resource Centre plays a proactive role to ensure that the information resources are acquired and organized to meet the present and future needs of its users.
The Library holds documents predominantly related to management, engineering, computers, information technology, HRM, Marketing, fine and its allied subjects and aims to develop a comprehensive collection of information resources that are useful for academic and research purposes. The Library and E-Resource Centre play a proactive role to ensure that the information resources are acquired and organized to meet the present and future needs of its users.
The Central Library-E-Resource Centre has comprehensive information resources that are useful for academic and research purpose. It has a large collection of books, journals, DVDs, etc. Spread across 12500sq. ft. with a seating capacity of approx. 230 persons. Libsoft.  Based Library Automation System is underway.
To support the LNCT College in becoming a excellent organization for education and research in the various discipline:
  • To build and preserve relevant collections.
  • To provide effective access to learning resources.
  • To keep the academic community abreast of the latest developments and to provide them up-to-date information.
  • To ensure user satisfaction.
  • To serve as an intellectual commons.
  • To connect people with information and knowledge in and beyond the library’s collections.
  • To provide innovative, responsive, and effective services, that will meet the changing needs of the academic community.
  • To provide a wide range of books, periodicals, e-resources, and other media at appropriate levels for the needs of the university.
  • To establish excellent resources and facilities, which will reflect academic and research needs - present, future, and anticipatory.
  • To coordinate efforts for suitable collection development and reduce unnecessary duplication wherever possible.
  • Mission
  • The mission of the LNCT Library is to support the College to grow as top ranked integrated academic campus by establishing a knowledge hub and to enable access to information resources of all kinds and provide innovative, responsive and effective services to meet the changing needs of the academic community.
The staff and the administration of Library strive for excellence in fulfilling the library’s mission.
  • To make user-centered decision.
  • To strive to create a diverse environment of respect and collaboration.
  • To deploy advanced technologies.
  • To maximize the utility and capability of resources.
The Library has a rich and rare collection of  28, 920 Printed books and 500 back sets of periodicals. It is also receiving 30 magazines and 11 news papers from  different places. Efforts are on this year to increase the journals numbers up to 71. The library also preserves a copy of each thesis and MRP. The average number of students using the library is 300 per week approximately and 500 information resources come under the issue-return process. . The Library also has a special collection Motivation Books.   
Document Category  Number
Books   28920 volumes (Engi.22314,MBA ,4795 & MCA1811)
Number of Titles 2000
Current Printed Journals 74 journals
E-Journals (DELNET) Tech.1152 and Management 1190Magazines
Bound Journals   200 bound volumes
MRP 500 volumes
Thesis   300
CD ROM 80 cds
LNCT Library subscribes to a large number of electronic databases. By Member ship of DELNET. Link GALE Cengage Learning.  
LNCT, Indore can have access to e-Journals for Engineering stream, science, Technology (1152 e-journals) And Management (1190 e-journals) & e-books.   Besides a good number of databases are also accessible through  Infotrac Digital Library consortium. Kindly click the collection of databases given below in order to access it. http://infotrac.galegroup.com/itweb/lnctindore