Lakshmi Narain College of Pharmacy is a leading concern of LNCT Group of Colleges, a group dedicated to enriching the quality of technical education in the country. It is run by Rishiraj Singh Memorial Welfare Society registered under Registration No.9870/2001 dated 20/09/2001 in Madhya Pradesh.  LNCT group of colleges is an entrepreneurial group with a strong financial and managerial foundation in various business segments. The strength of the group lies in its highly successful track record in diverse businesses and its main interests lies mainly in healthcare and education sectors.

The trustees and directors of Rishiraj Singh Memorial Welfare Society is detailed below

Chairperson Shri Jai Narayan Ji Chouksey
Secreatary Shri Suresh Ji Chouksey
Trustee Shri Anupam Ji Chouksey
Correpondent Shri Suprabhat Ji Choukse
Director Dr. R K Nema