Animal House

The facility is registered under Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA), Ministry of Environment and Forest, GOI which provide professional and technical services for the Animal research Project,. Animal House to ensure humane care to the animals and their use, necessary for the pursuit and achievement of scientific excellence and is build and maintained strictly in accordance to the CPCSEA guidelines and Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC)  . Different species and strains are kept separately in animal rooms maintained under standard room temperature of 22o to 25o C, 50-55% relative humidity, 12:12 hour light and dark cycle with 100% fresh air circulation and uninterrupted power and water supply. Animal house facility is looked after by a full time well qualified Veterinary officer led by a team of technical assistants and animal caretakers well experienced and trained in animal care, breeding and husbandry. All the procedures directed by the Animal House Advisory Committee & Animal House Committee in order to keep the animal house hygienic and infection free are routinely followed strictly by the staff under the guidance of Veterinary officer.